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Positioned on the migratory route for birds between the Breton Marshes and the Bay of Aiguillon, “Garangeoire” derives from the Breton and Welsh word “Garan”, which means Crane. The Château-la-Garangeoire was built in the Directoire style in 1842 and sits in 200 hectares of its own land. I have painted the gateposts as they would have looked, sadly the top finials have somehow become demounted.

Monsieur and Madame Michel de Kerautem decided in the 1960s that they needed to create a new way to derive an income because of the depressed agricultural industry. They opened up a business that provided camping facilities to the holidaying public. This is a success story and the business is still prospering under the guidance of their grand-daughter Anne and her husband Eric Bourgon.

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