If you would like to commission a painting, please contact us so we can discuss what you have in mind. As part of that discussion, we will cover the commissioning process and options in terms of size, medium, timings and prices.

Our guide 'How to Commission Art' will give you an overview of the process and some guideline costs, but each work is bespoke and tailored to you, so this should only be seen as a guide. Simon will work with you to agree the best way of realising your painting. This would normally happen in person, but due to Covid we can 'meet' via Skype or Zoom instead.

Take a look at some of the commissions of houses, yachts and aircraft that Simon has completed below.


When you commission an architectural painting or drawing with us, we aim to create an artistic memento of a special place. Whether it's a family home, a place you have stayed or visited on holiday, where you were married or even an historic building you love, contact us if you have a place in mind.  House portraits in particular are a popular gift and a great talking point to stimulate memories and stories

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From a fabulous gin palace to a favourite dinghy, each vessel is individual and has great story to tell. Any watercraft can be painted within a particular background or you might choose a high viewpoint to make more of the layout or convey a sense of speed.



Paintings of aircraft can be in flight against a romantic sky or from various angles on the ground, either stationary or on the move.

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