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Tower Bridge 1959

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Early this year I finished a lovely commission for a charming couple who have been married for 60 years. In 1959, Brian and Jean were walking over Tower Bridge when, mid-bridge, Brian stopped and dropped to his knee to propose to Jean, his sweetheart. They have been very happily married and return to the bridge each year on their anniversary.

This year being very special, Brian asked if I could create a painting of Tower Bridge as it looked in 1959. I accepted the challenge with some excitement and set about my research. It is quite amazing just how much a city changes over someone’s lifetime. Looking back to the time when Brian knelt and popped the question, the London docks were a hive of industry, the rows of cranes constantly unloading all manner of merchandise from around the world. Most buildings were black with soot from coal fires and great barrel buoys were to be found where barges could be moored. The skyline looks quite different now.

It was such a privilege to help Brian recreate the scene of his proposal to Jean, and I’m told the painting takes pride of place in their sitting room. Happy 60th Anniversary to them both!

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