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Revving up for Yorkshire Elegance

Step into the world of classic and vintage cars at this year’s Yorkshire Elegance, hosted by the Fast Lane Club. I’m thrilled to announce our participation in this prestigious event from 18-19 July 2023 at the magnificent Bowcliffe Hall.

Join us at the show to see my new collection of Garage Art – featuring historic marques including Porsche, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Bentley and Bugatti. Each canvas aims to capture the essence and soul of these automotive icons, highlighting their unique design, elegance and nostalgic charm.

Through these vignettes, I pay tribute to the craftsmanship, innovation and passion that went into creating these classic cars, ensuring their legacy and their stories live on.

Whether you are an avid collector, an admirer of automotive design, or simply curious about what Garage Art is all about, do come along to see our stand. As the organisers say, it promises to be a right good fancy car event!

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