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The Story of a Superyacht

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Beautiful superyacht, The One, designed by the highly talented Jon Bannenberg, was originally launched as Carinthia VI in 1972. At 72m (c.236 feet) with sleek and elegant lines, she inspired many superyacht designers to think differently and is one of my absolute favourite commissions.

Jon Bannenberg is known as “The Godfather of Modern Yacht Design” (Vanity Fair, 2018) – he has influenced all the great yacht designers. His artistic vision was at the heart of his architectural design process. Beauty, luxury and comfort were paramount to him – leading one commentator to declare, “Jon was building palaces. Others were building boats.”

Tragically, in January 2016, The One was engulfed in flames whilst at Marmaris Marina in South West Turkey - and thought to be lost forever. Miraculously, her hull and lower structure survived and a restoration is underway. Hopefully she will rise again to her former glory. Until then, I hope my painting serves as a humble reminder of those glory days.

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